ArtiFact (199X) :
An ancient artifact is found that threatens two planetary factions who have an unsteady alliance. It is told to hold secrets of the universe. Will the interplanetary research team unlock its secrets, or will it set off a galactic war?


I created this track in 2018 using FL Studio. Music creation is another hobby of mine. I find it's a great form of mediation and relaxation. Other than the Shanty and Operatic music in the videos below, the rest of the music are created by me :^)

Scenes with Playblasts
This is to showcase the minimal use of assets to save time creating the scenes.
When creating the scenes, I think about what is being shown in the frame.
Shader Nodes
I enjoy creating Non-Photo-Realistic Shaders as its heavily dependent on the style of the artist. Having a 2D background, I am amazed (after a few years with Blender) how I can adapt similar workflows with my concept to the shaders.
The Shader can be adapted to any object, and you're able to change the base colour. Once you play with the light and tint settings, it affects the whole scene keeping consistency, as well as allowing real-time iteration.
Procedurally Generated FX

These are procedurally generated FX using blender nodes. You can change the amplitude, frequency and colours. The examples shown on the left are all derived from the same shader tree, just with different values.
Extra Tests
I enjoy doing a number of tests to see what works and what doesn't it . While I did this project by myself, Often I find in team settings there is information loss when verbally explaining visual ideas as everyone has something different in mind. When doing tests, it creates unity and everyone can us the "sacrificial" piece as a launching off point for ideas.

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